International Masonic Organisation

On 18 March 2022, the International Masonic Organization (IMO) formalized its constitution.

The International Masonic Organization (OMI) was started after several meetings, where it was decided to found an innovative institution, which complies with all the points of Masonic Regularity, but which is truly universal and not conditioned by minor policy imperatives and where there is Freedom for all, thus not existing a Masonic obedience that has hegemony over the others.

The Deed took place in a Notary's Office in Lisbon, duly accredited for the effect. Being formally constituted, OMI is ready to carry out its work, marking in a harmonious and aggregative way, but also firm and integrates the New Regular Freemasonry of the XXI Century .

The Presidency for the first two-year period will be held by the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Portugal in the person of its Grand Master, Abílio Alagôa da Silva, with the Grand Masters of the other founding Regular Powers as their Vice Presidents and those responsible for the various territorial areas.

The world has changed and Freemasonry has to assume itself more and more as an organisation of principles and values, perfecting all the brothers and inspiring humanity. May the purest Light illuminate us.

Founding Members

Sorted alphabetically

Grand Lodge of Jerusalem

Grand Lodge of
San Antonio

Greater Loge de L'Europe et de la Méditerranée

Sovereign Grand Lodge
of Portugal

Grand Lodge of

Independent Grand Orient of
Sao Paulo

Independent Grand Orient of Amazonas

M. W. John G Jones
Grand Lodge

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